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Energy Locum

Energy Locum provides you with an outsourced / pay as you go Energy Manager who integrates into your team and leads your daily energy management operations.

This is provided on a flexible basis whereby you can set and change the number of days per month to suit your needs.

Energy Locum involves a range of services that can be combined to provide whatever your business most needs. These might include:

  • Analysis of energy data to identify trends in where and when energy is being consumed
  • Staff awareness training
  • Weekly / monthly / annual reporting of energy performance
  • Representation at internal management meetings
  • Project managing new infrastructure projects
  • Benchmarking of property portfolios or business units
  • On-going tariff review
  • Developing policies that support your company’s energy and cost reduction goals
  • Provision of energy surveys
  • Provision of business investment proposals to prioritise resources
  • Optimisation of building services equipment controls
  • On-going identification of energy saving initiatives
  • Implementing the recommendations of your energy survey
  • Design, procurement and project management of energy initiatives
  • Independent advice on technological solutions
  • Raising awareness of the latest developments in energy saving technology
  • Management of specialist maintenance contractors

Benefits are:

  • Reduction in energy consumption and costs
  • Support tailored to budget / business needs
  • Legislative updates / compliance
  • On-going management support – providing a focal point for all energy issues